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W e    have    been    described    as    the    best    borrower experience in the industry. T here   is   no   software   that   can   match   our   25   years of     experience     for     personal     contacts,     insider knowledge and expertise. W e    know    how    to    present    a    property    to    our correspondents   for   the   best   possible   loan   terms and   rates.   As   the   loan   process   proceeds,   we   solve problems   as   they   come   up   and   negotiate   the   best possible terms and conditions along the way. W e    take    no    upfront    fees    and    only    collect    a commission   at   loan   closing.   Financing      commercial property is our only business. WE DELIVER WHAT WE PROMISE
No Prepayment Penalty Loans Non-recourse loans Long Term Fixed Rates ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Providing Lending for: Multifamily Multifamily in Low Population Base Areas and Rural Areas Student Housing Senior Housing Mobile Home Parks Retail Anchored and Retail Strip Industrial Office Medical Office Credit Tenant Mini Warehouses ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fast Closings Repositioning Loans Lending Strategies for 1031 Exchanges